The dynamics of our profession require us to stay in continuous training. 

 Complying with a series of guidelines and provisions in both foreign trade and safety rules, our training courses keep our associates updated and informed. 

Being part of ALFA, you will have access to our courses and workshops such as:

● Regulations
● Transport
● American Customs
● International trade
● Procedures


● Forkloft Handling

Courses and Seminars

● Tariff Classification Courses.
●Courses of filling of pedimentos.
●Traffic courses.
●Accident prevention seminar.
●Human Resources Seminars.
●Reviewer Training
●OCIACADA Career of the Technological University of NLD
●Warehouse Management
●Customer Service and Attention
●Interpretation of Financial Statements
●Analysis and Troubleshooting
●Supervision and Leadership
●Positive Attitude at Work
●Personnel Management